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Просмотр собрания по группе - Авторы Ivanov, M. A.

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Дата выпускаНазваниеАвтор(ы)
15-ноя-2008A few remarks about the Pioneer anomalyIvanov, M. A.
2-июл-2002A model of gravitation with global U(1)-symmetryIvanov, M. A.
29-дек-2012A new basis for cosmology without dark energyIvanov, M. A.
25-мая-2009A non-geometrical approach to quantum gravityIvanov, M. A.
13-янв-2008A non-universal transition to asymptotic freedom in low-energy quantum gravityIvanov, M. A.
6-сен-2004A quantum gravitational model of redshiftsIvanov, M. A.
21-июл-2003A fine quantum mechanism of classical gravityIvanov, M. A.
5-мая-2004Another origin of cosmological redshiftsIvanov, M. A.
23-авг-2010Another possible interplay between gravitation and cosmologyIvanov, M. A.
4-мар-2004Another possible interpretation of SN 1a data - without kinematics: Comments on the paperIvanov, M. A.
11-янв-2008Asymptotic freedom in low-energy quantum gravityIvanov, M. A.
17-апр-2016Cosmological consequences of the model of low-energy quantum gravityIvanov, M. A.
29-апр-2013Cosmological observations as a hidden key to quantum gravityIvanov, M. A.
2011Deceleration of massive bodies by the isotropic graviton background as a possible alternative to dark matterIvanov, M. A.
2017Deceleration of massive bodies due to forehead and backhead collisions with gravitonsIvanov, M. A.; Иванов, М. А.
25-апр-2003Discrete Symmetries Underlying Some Continuous Ones: Two Examples From Gravity And Particle PhysicsIvanov, M. A.
2014Estimating the Hubble constant on a base of observed values of the Hubble parameter H(z) in a model without expansionIvanov, M. A.
15-июн-2004Galaxy number counts in a presence of the graviton backgroundIvanov, M. A.
2009Gravitational asymptotic freedom and matter filling of black holesIvanov, M. A.
28-янв-2006Gravitons as super-strong interacting particles, and low-energy quantum gravityIvanov, M. A.