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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Sound Signal Invariant DAE Neural Network-Based Quantizer Architecture of Audio/Speech Coder Using the Matching Pursuit AlgorithmAvramov, V.; Herasimovich, V.; Petrovsky, A.; Аврамов, В.; Герасимович, В.; Петровский, А.
2017Spatial equations of the linear Kelvin-Voigt viscoelasticity, based on deviatorsKravchuk, A.; Smaluk, A.
2017Spatial, polarization and angular characteristics of external conical refractionFilippov, V. V.; Филиппов В. В.
2015Specialists training in big data using distributed architectural solutions servicesBatura, M. P.; Dzik, S. S.; Tsyrelchuk, I.; Komlitchenko, V.; Unuchek, E.
2016Specific features of student learning assessment in the aspect of educational paradigmMorkūnienė, V.
2014Specific Features of the Carbon Nanotubes Nucleation and Growth in the Porous Alumina MembraneVorobjova, A.; Prudnikava, A.; Shaman, Y.; Shulitski, B.; Labunov, V.; Gavrilov, S.; Belov, A.; Basaev, A.
2018Specific Features of the Growth, Structure, and Main Physicochemical Properties of FeGa2Se4 Single CrystalsPauliukavets, S. A.; Bychek, I. V.; Patapovich, M. P.
2009Spectro-polarized imitation of vegetationLynkou, L. M.; Beliaev, B. I.; Pavlovich, M. S.; Borbotko, T. V.; Bogush, V. A.; Богуш, В. А.
2018Spectroscopic ellipsometry study of Cu2ZnSnS4 bulk poly-crystalsLevchenko, S.; Hajdeu-Chicaros, E.; Llamas, E.; Caballero, R.; Serna, R.; Bodnar, I. V.; Victorov, I. A.; Guk, M.; Merino, H. M.; Perez-Rodrigez, A.; Arushanov, E.; Leуn, M.; Боднарь, И. В.
2019Spectrum estimation of speech: coding and feature extractionTaha, M.; Azarov, I.; Таха, М.; Азаров, И.
2019Spectrums of superconducting states and triplet effects in superconductor/ferromagnet multilayersKushnir, V. N.; Кушнир, В. Н.
2015Speech enhancement in quasi-periodic noises using improved spectral subtraction based on adaptive samplingAzarov, I. S.; Vashkevich, M. I.; Petrovsky, A. A.
2019Speech recognition using machine learningTsvirko, A. I.
2012Speech Signal Processing using Pulse Coupled Neural NetworkJurečka, M.; Šarkan, B.
2016Spherical gravitational waves in the week gravitational fieldVyblyi, Yu. P.; Leonovjch, A. A.
2018Spin 1 Particle with Anomalous Magnetic Moment in an External Uniform Electric FieldOvsiyuk, E. M.; Voynova, Ya. A.; Kisel, V. V.; Кисель, В. В.; Balan, V.; Red’kov, V. M.
2017Spin 1 particle with anomalous magnetic moment in an external uniform magnetic fieldKisel, V. V.; Voynova, Ya. A.; Ovsiyuk, E. M.; Balan, V.; Red’kov, V. M.; Кисель, В. В.
2017Spin 1/2 particle with two mass states: interaction with external fieldsВеко, О. В.; Войнова, Я. А.; Кисель, В. В.; Коральков, А. Д.; Овсиюк, Е. М.; Редьков, В. М.; Veko, O. V.; Voynova, Y. A.; Kisel, V. V.; Koral’kov, A. D.; Ovsiyuk, E. M.; Red’kov, V. M.
2017Spin 1/2 particle with two mass states: interaction with external fieldsКисель, В. В.; Плетюхов, В. А.; Гилевский, В. В.; Овсиюк, Е. М.; Веко, О. В.; Редьков, В. М.; Kisel, V. V.; Pletykhov, V. A.; Gilevsky, V. V.; Ovsiyuk, E. M.; Veko, O. V.; Red’kov, V. M.
2019Spin 1/2 Particle with Two Masses in External Magnetic FieldOvsiyuk, E. M.; Veko, O. V.; Voynova, Y. A.; Red’kov, V. M.; Kisel, V. V.; Кисель, В. В.; Samsonenko, N. V.