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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Er-doped oxidized porous silicon waveguidesBalucani, M.; Bondarenko, V.; Lamedica, G.; Ferrari, A.; Yakovtseva, V.; Dolgyi, L.; Vorozov, N.; Volchek, S.; Petrovich, V.; Kazuchits, N.
2019Erbium luminescence in (Y, Er, Yb)3Al5O12 powdersKhoroshko, L. S.; Gaponenko, N. V.; Rudenko, M. V.; Sukalin, K. S.; Mudryĭ, A. V.; Radyush, Yu. V.
2020Escrow-агентыТурцевич, А. М.
2014Estimating the Hubble constant on a base of observed values of the Hubble parameter H(z) in a model without expansionIvanov, M. A.
2020Estimating the inefficiency of machinery and its operators using hierarchical Bayesian modelsGuletskii, N. V.; Radyna, Ya. M.
2019Estimation of athlete coordination abilities based on the reproducibility analysis of the electromyographic patterns of complex coordination movementsDavydova, N. S.; Vasiuk, V.; Osipov, A. N.; Mikhuta, I.; Khokholko, A.; Mezhennaya, M. M.; Davydov, M. V.
2016Estimation of changing vibration conditions of complicated mechanisms using vibration characteristics of start-ups and run-downsBrancevich, P.; Li Y.
2019Europium luminescence from amorphous yttrium alumina films on fused silica substratesVillegas Brito, J. C.; Gaponenko, N. V.; Sukalin, K. S.; Raichenok, T. F.; Tikhomorov, S. A.; Wang, X. C.; Cheng, Z. C.; Kargin, N. I.
2016Evaluation of the security of information resources using network analysisAlbigharbi, H. A.
2011Evaluation of the specific boundary resistance of superconducting/weakly ferromagnetic hybrids by critical temperature measurementsMancusi, D.; Ilyina, E. A.; Kushnir, V. N.; Prischepa, S. L.; Cirillo, C.; Attanasio, C.
2015Evalution of protect information from leaking viaAljibawi Muntadher, Raheem Majeed
2019Event-маркетинг как инструмент маркетинговых коммуникаций (на примере ООО «БелХард Девелопмент»)Сацура, О. Н.
2009Evidence of fractional matching states in nanoperforated Nb thin film grown on porous siliconPrischepa, S. L.; Trezza, M.; Cirillo, C.; Attanasio, C.
2018Evolution of Artificial Neural NetworksAverkin, A.; Yarushev, S.
2019Evolution of Cavitation Activity During Ultrasonic Nanostructuring of MagnesiumBrezhneva, N.; Dezhkunov, N. V.; Mazheika, S. O.; Nenashkina, A.; Skorb, E. V.
2004Evolutionary chaotic dynamics in a Gunn-instability systemShalatonin, V.; Mishchenko, V.
2018Exactly solvable problems for a 2-particle system with a homogeneous relative spaceMurzov, V. I.; Мурзов, В. И.
2020Examples of intelligent adaptation of digital fields by means of the system GeoBazaDannychTaranchuk, V. B.; Таранчук, В. Б.
2017Examples of the use of artificial neural networks in the analysis of geodataTaranchuk, V. B.; Таранчук, В. Б.
2014Exchange coupling and magnetic anisotropy for different concentration of iron based nanoparticles in aligned carbon nanotube arraysPrischepa, S. L.; Danilyuk, A. L.; Prudnikava, A. L.; Komissarov, I. V.; Labunov, V. A.; Le Normand, Francois; Прищепа, С. Л.; Данилюк, А. Л.