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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Data Analysis using ELK stackMohammed, F.; Baltunou, D.; Dzik, C. S.
Jun-2016Data analytics using H2OMohammed, F.; Baltunou, D.; Dzik, С.
Jun-2016Data Science and Big Data in eCommerce and RetailLopatenko, A.
2018Data Vault CDVDM. Certified Data Vault Data Modeler CourseStroo, M. G.; Broekmans, R.
2017Data warehouse architecture and design (workshop lessen 2)Stroo, M. G.
2019Data warehouse modelingHeurasiova, I. P.
2015Database and software suitable for on-line testing ece studentsZadedyurin, Ye.
May-2013DC-DC преобразователь с малым уровнем пульсацийКрючков, М. И.; Каленкович, Е. Н.
2011Deceleration of massive bodies by the isotropic graviton background as a possible alternative to dark matterIvanov, M. A.
2017Deceleration of massive bodies due to forehead and backhead collisions with gravitonsIvanov, M. A.; Иванов, М. А.
2013Decision making in contradictory knowledge baseGerman, Ju. О.
2017Decision-Making of Agent with Selectable Structure of PreferencesVinogradov, G. P.; Vinogradova, N. G.; Bogatikov, V. N.; Виноградов, Г. П.; Виноградова, Н. Г.; Богатиков, В. Н.
2017Decision-Making Support for Strategic PlanningTsyganok, V.; Цыганок, В. В.
2013Decomposibality and search for all solutions of a system of boolean functionsTaghavi, S. A.; Pottosin, Y. V.
2011Deductive machine for modal logic in a module of a virtual teacherZhou, Juan; German, O. V.
Jun-2016Deep Learning in Big Image Data: Histology IMage Classification for Breast Cancer DiagnosisKovalev, V.; Kalinovsky, А.; Liauchuk, V.
2017Deep learning in big medical image dataKovalev, V.; Liauchuk, V.; Kalinovsky, A.; Snezhko, E.; Tuzikov, A.
2013Deep submicron radiation hardened static random-access memory IPKostrov, A.
2017Defect formation in supported graphene irradiated by accelerated xenon ionsKolesov, E. A.; Tivanov, M. S.; Korolik, O. V.; Apel, P. Yu.; Skuratov, V. A.; Saad, A.; Komissarov, I. V.
2018Defining of the Covalence Parameters in Cs2NaYCl6:Eu3+ and Cs2NaEuCl6 by the Optical SpectraFomicheva, L. A.; Фомичева, Л. А.; Kornienko, A. A.; Dunina, E. B.