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Дата выпускаНазваниеАвтор(ы)
дек-2015Education strategy in Ukraine from segregation to inclusionKolupaeva, А. A.
2016Effect of continuous magnetic field on the growth mechanism of nanoporous anodic alumina films on different substratesVrublevsky, I. A.; Chernyakova, K. V.; Ispas, A.; Bund, A.
2005Effect of geometrical symmetry on the angular dependence of the critical magnetic field in superconductor/normal metal multilayersPrischepa, S. L.; Cirillo, C.; Kushnir, V. N.; Ilyina, E. A.; Attanasio, C.; Salvato, M.
2003Effect of symmetry on the resistive characteristics of proximity coupled metallic multilayersPrischepa, S. L.; Kushnir, V. N.; Della Rocca, M. L.; Salvato, M.; Attanasio, C.
2015Effect of the anodization conditions on the growth and volume expansion of porous alumina films in malonic acid electrolyteKnörnschilda, A. G.; Poznyak, A. A.; Karozac, A.; Mozalev, А.
2011Effect of the variation of the exchange energy on the superconducting critical temperature of S/F/S trilayersKushnir, V. N.; Prischepa, S. L.; Aarts, J.; Bell, C.; Cirillo, C.; Attanasio, C.; Kupriyanov, M. Yu.
2016Effect of topography on wettability of rapidly solidified. Al-In alloysTashlykova-Bushkevich, I. I.; Yakovenko, J. S.; Bushkevich, I. A.; Zukowski, P.
2017Effective use of electronic teaching aids in teaching the discipline "foreign language (professional lexicon)"Kuznetsova, N. B.
2016Effective means of activating speaking activities in teaching English as a foreign languageKolyasnev, A.
2017Elastic drives of mobile systemsNikolayenko, V. L.; Savenko, A. G.; Matveev, A. V.; Kalitenia, I. L.; Николаенко, В. Л.; Савенко, А. Г.; Матвеев, А. В.; Калитеня, И. Л.
2012Electrochemical Deposition and Characterization of Ni in Mesoporous SiliconPrischepa, S. L.; Dolgiy, A.; Redko, S. V.; Bandarenka, H.; Yanushkevich, K.; Nenzi, P.; Balucani, M.; Bondarenko, V.
2012Electrochemical Deposition of Ni into Mesoporous SiliconPrischepa, S. L.; Dolgyia, A.; Bandarenka, H.; Yanushkevichb, K.; Nenzic, P.; Balucanic, M.; Bondarenko, V.
2015Electrochemical deposition of zinc oxide nanostructures into porous silicon templateChubenko, E. B.; Redko, S. V.; Sherstnev, I. A.; Petrovich, V. A.
2014Electrolyte Hydrodynamics in Anodic Alumina PoresSokol, V. A.; Yakovtseva, V. A.
2015Electromagnetic interference shielding characteristics of carbon-bearing porous anodic aluminaVrublevsky, I.; Charniakova, K.; Videkov, V.; Al-Dilami, A. A.
2014Electromagnetic radiation shieldingHankou, L. L.
2015Electromagnetic shields based on paints, filed wiled with nanostructured componentsChinonso, Chinonso
2014Electronic and dynamical properties of bulk and layered MoS2Krivosheeva, A. V.; Shaposhnikov, V. L.; Borisenko, V. E.; Lazzari, J. L.
2015Electronic properties of semiconducting Ca2Si silicide: From bulk to nanostructures by means of first principles calculationsBorisenko, V. E.; Migas, D. B.; Bogorodz, V. O.; Filonov, A. B.; Shaposhnikov, V. L.; Galkin, N. G.
2017Electronic properties of thin BaSi2 films with different orientationsMigas, D. B.; Bogorodz, V. O.; Krivosheeva, A. V.; Shaposhnikov, V. L.; Filonov, A. B.; Borisenko, V. E.