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Дата выпускаНазваниеАвтор(ы)
2014Halide: новый язык и компилятор для эффективного параллелизма в обработке изображенийДараган, Е. Н.
2007Hamiltonians associated with the sixth Painlevé equationTsegel'nik, V. V.
2010Hamiltonians associated with the third and fifth Painlevй equationsTsegel'nik, V. V.
мая-2017He research of the influence of programming on modern musical instrumentsBosov, A. V.
2018Hetero-associative memory technology for development of intelligent control systems of autonomous mobile robotsPrakapovich, R.
2017Heuristic approach to online purchase prediction based on internet store visitors classification using data mining methodsParkhimenka, U.; Tatur, M.; Zhvakina, A.
2013Hierarchical approach to nanodesign rom the system theory viewpointBarkaline, V.
2016Higgs decays with the lepton flavor violationBoyarkin, O. M.; Boyarkina, G. G.; Makhnatch, V. V.
2014High Payload and Secure Steganography method Based on Block Partitioning and Integer Wavelet TransformSeyyedi, S. A.; Ivanov, N. N.
2017High performance diamond-like carbon layers obtained by pulsed laser deposition for conductive electrode applicationsStock, F.; Antoni, F.; Normand, F. Le.; Muller, D.; Abdesselam, M.; Boubiche, N.; Komissarov, I. V.
2018High-efficiency virtual cathode oscillator with photonic crystalRak, A. O.; Frolov, N. S.; Kurkin, S. A.; Koronovskii, A. A.; Hramov, A. E.; Рак, А. О.
2015High-power microwave amplifier based on overcritical relativistic electron beam without external magnetic fieldKurkin, S. A.; Frolov, N. S.; Rak, A. O.; Koronovskii, A. A.; Kuraev, A. A.; Hramov, A. E.
2018Highly ordered through-holes Porous alumina membranes for Ni-Fe nanowires fabricationVorobyova, A. I.; Shimanovich, D. L.; Outkina, E. A.; Khodin, A. A.
2018Holidays connected with paganism in belarusian and british culturesKastsiukevich, D. V.
2018HologramsVolkov, A. M.
2013Homogeneous deposition of nickel in pores of the ordered thin aluminum oxideUtkina, E. A.; Vorob’eva, A. I.; Komar, O. M.
2016Hopping magnetotransport of the band-gap tuningCu2Zn(SnxGe1-x)Se4 crystalsLähderanta, E.; Hajdeu-Chicarosh, E.; Shakhov, M.; Guc, M.; Bodnar, I.; Arushanov, E.; Lisunov, K. G.
июн-2016How is Marketing Bridged to Data Mining?Ronge, V.
2017How to survive and thrive in the age of creative destructionKatsnelson, L.
10-сен-2008How to verify the redshift mechanism of low-energy quantum gravityIvanov, M. A.