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Дата выпускаНазваниеАвтор(ы)
2018I усебеларускi з’езд i яго роля ў гiстрыii БеларусiЧумакова, Г. У.
2018ICO как инструмент привлечения инвестицийЗахаров, А. Д.
2017Ict for supporting productive families in rural area in SudanKhalid Mirghnee Yousif Mohammad
2011IDEF0 в моделировании комбинаторного обученияЧерепица, Л. С.
2013Identification of time-dependent coefficients of heat transfer by the method of suboptimal stage-by-stage optimizationKostyukova, O. I.
2016Image stitching algorithm for description of integrated circuit layoutsAvakaw, S.; Doudkin, A.; Marushko, Ya.; Voronov, A.
2018Impact of aligned carbon nanotubes array on the magnetostatic isolation of closely packed ferromagnetic nanoparticlesDanilyuk, A. L.; Kukharev, A. V.; Cojocaru, C. S.; Normand, F. Le; Prischepa, S. L.; Прищепа, С. Л.; Данилюк, А. Л.
2017Impact of CNT medium on the interaction between ferromagnetic nanoparticlesDanilyuk, A. L.; Komissarov, I. V.; Kukharev, A. V.; Normand, F. Le; Hernandez, J. M.; Tejada, J.; Prischepa, S. L.; Данилюк, А. Л.; Прищепа, С. Л.
2017Impact of culture and transfer of embryos in mice: assessment of microarrayKaragenc, N.; Esmen, K.; Dogan, G.; Karagenc, L.
2018Implementation of the vulnerability management program using project approachJoe-Madu, S.; Prudnik, A. M.
2017Implementation of Reinforcement Learning Tools for Real-Time Intelligent Decision Support SystemsEremeev, A. P.; Kozhukhov, A. A.; Еремеев, А. П.; Кожухов, А. А.
2017Implementing sustainable development on the regional level in BelarusSidorchuk, I.; Akhrymenka, A.; Shmakova, A.; Grigoriev, A.; Parfenchyk, A.; Kulai, O.
2018Importance of risk definition for IT risk controlGoman, М. А.
2016Improvement of the thermal characteristics of the electric heater in the architecture with aluminum, nanoporous alumina and resistive component of carbon fiberVrublevsky, I.; Charnyakova, K.; Videkov, V.; Tuchkovsky, A.
2018Improving the P&O and incremental conductance algorithms operations in photovoltaic station through a model predictive controlElzein, I.; Petrenko, Y. N.
2015Improving the supply chain efficiency based on reliability analysisArtsiomchyk, Y.; Zhivitskaya, H.
2018Impurity Phases in Polycrystalline Films of Ferroelectric Oxides of the Perovskite-Type on the Basis of Bi2SrTa2O9 and Pb(Zr,Ti)O3Agafonova, D. S.; Kozyrev, A. B.; Mukhin, N. V.; Red’ka, D. N.; Elanskaya, K. G.; Rudenko, M. V.; Oseev, A.; Hirsch, S.; Руденко, М. В.
мая-2013IMS –платформа, и ее место в экологииАдаменко, Е. А.
2017Incorporation of prescriptive analytics for performance engineering and dynamic performance management of Big Data applicationsZibitsker, B.
2018Increace in the silicon surface adhesion by treatment in atmospheric plasmaKotov, D. A.; Kuznetsova, T. A.; Nikitiuk, S. A.; Lapitskaya, V. A.; Melnikova, G. B.; Chizhik, S. A.; Zaporojchenko, U. V.; Yatsevich, E. V.; Котов, Д. А.; Никитюк, С. А.