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Дата выпускаНазваниеАвтор(ы)
2017Ict for supporting productive families in rural area in SudanKhalid Mirghnee Yousif Mohammad
2011IDEF0 в моделировании комбинаторного обученияЧерепица, Л. С.
2013Identification of time-dependent coefficients of heat transfer by the method of suboptimal stage-by-stage optimizationKostyukova, O. I.
2016Image stitching algorithm for description of integrated circuit layoutsAvakaw, S.; Doudkin, A.; Marushko, Ya.; Voronov, A.
2017Impact of CNT medium on the interaction between ferromagnetic nanoparticlesDanilyuk, A. L.; Komissarov, I. V.; Kukharev, A. V.; Normand, F. Le; Hernandez, J. M.; Tejada, J.; Prischepa, S. L.
2017Impact of culture and transfer of embryos in mice: assessment of microarrayKaragenc, N.; Esmen, K.; Dogan, G.; Karagenc, L.
2017Implementation of Reinforcement Learning Tools for Real-Time Intelligent Decision Support SystemsEremeev, A. P.; Kozhukhov, A. A.; Еремеев, А. П.; Кожухов, А. А.
2017Implementing sustainable development on the regional level in BelarusSidorchuk, I.; Akhrymenka, A.; Shmakova, A.; Grigoriev, A.; Parfenchyk, A.; Kulai, O.
2016Improvement of the thermal characteristics of the electric heater in the architecture with aluminum, nanoporous alumina and resistive component of carbon fiberVrublevsky, I.; Charnyakova, K.; Videkov, V.; Tuchkovsky, A.
2015Improving the supply chain efficiency based on reliability analysisArtsiomchyk, Y.; Zhivitskaya, H.
мая-2013IMS –платформа, и ее место в экологииАдаменко, Е. А.
2017Incorporation of prescriptive analytics for performance engineering and dynamic performance management of Big Data applicationsZibitsker, B.
6-июн-2017Influence of chemical copperplating of tissue with nanostructured ferromagnetic microwave on its compositionAhmed, A. A. A.; Al-Ademi, Y. T. A.; Alkalbi, A. S. J.; Boiprav, O. V.
2016Influence of magnetic losses on microwave absorption by carbon-nanotube nanocomposites with a low concentration of ferromagnetic nanoparticlesPrischepa, S. L.; Avramchuk, A. V.; Kasperovich, M. M.; Pevneva, N. A.; Gusinsky, A. V.; Korolik, O. V.; Tivanov, M. S.; Shulitski, B. G.; Labunov, V. A.; Danilyuk, A. L.; Komissarov, I. V.; Прищепа, С. Л.
2017Influence of Magnetite Nanoparticles on Mechanical and Shielding Properties of ConcreteLesbayev, A. B.; Elouadi, B.; Borbotko, T. V.; Manakov, S. M.; Smagulova, G. T.; Boiprav, O. V.; Prikhodko, N. G.
2016Influence of plasma nitriding on surface roughness of steelsAhmed, M. S.; Drobov, A. N.
2015Influence of Si conductivity type on immersion deposition of Cu films on porous SiDolgiy, A.; Bandarenka, H.; Petrovich, V.
2016Influence of synthesis conditions on microstructure and phase transformations of annealed Sr2FeMoO6−x nanopowders formed by the citrate–gel methodGorokh, G. G.; Yarmolich, M. V.; Kalanda, N. A.; Demyanov, S. E.; Terryn, H.; Ustarroz, J.; Silibin, M. V.
2017Influence of target-substrate distance during pulsed laser deposition on properties of LiNbO3 thin filmsVakulov, Z. E.; Zamburg, E. G.; Golosov, D. A.; Zavadskiy, S. M.; Dostanko, A. P.; Miakonkikh, A. V.; Klemente I.E., I. E.; Rudenko, K. V.; Ageev, O. A.
2016Influence of the annealing temperature on the ferroelectric properties of niobium-doped strontium–bismuth tantalateGolosov, D. A.; Zavadski, S. M.; Кolos, V. V.; Turtsevich, A. S.; Okodzhi, D. E.