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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Lambda + reactive = creativeNovik, R.
2017Lattice thermal conductivity of transition metal dichalcogenidesAlexeev, A.; Krivosheeva, A.; Shaposhnikov, V.; Borisenko, V.
2018Lattice thermal conductivity of transition metal dichalcogenidesAlexeev, A.; Krivosheeva, A.; Shaposhnikov, V.; Borisenko, V.; Алексеев, А. Ю.; Кривошеева, А. В.; Шапошников, В. Л.; Борисенко, В. Е.
2017Lattice vibrations in FeIn2S4 single crystalsPauliukavets, S.; Bodnar, I.; Bychek, I.; Smirnova, G.; Karoza, A.; Smirnova, T.
2017Lazer Photothermoacoustic Microscopy VerificationWolkenstein, S. S.; Khmyl, A. A.
Apr-2015Lean-технологии в клиентоориентированных бизнес-моделяхИкирико, Мирада
2014Lean-технологии в маркетинге инновацийСоколова, А. С.
Mar-2014LED часы на Attiny2313 и DS1307Шавсловский, А. C.; Кузнецов, А. С.
2018Level structure of professional competence in continuous education systemTonkavich, I. N.; Shlyakhtunov, A. G.; Matveev, O. V.; Yastremsky, A. M.; Sokolova, A. S.; Kirillov, A. G.; Podgorbunskikh, A. A.; Тонкович, И. Н.
2015Limitations of predictive analyticsOgunleye, J.
Sep-2016Liner antenna array with circular polarization and wide-angle scanningKeda, U. V.; Yurtsev, O. A.
2019Linguaacoustic resources for belarusian speech synthesizersZianouka, E.; Зеновко, Е. С.
2017Linguistic and Acoustic Resources of the Computer System of Spoken English Intonation TrainingZdaranok, Y. A.; Здоронок, Ю. А.
2018Logic and its importance to the core competencies developmentDzisko-Scumann, M.; Дисько-Шуман, М. Р.
2009Lorentz symmetry violation due to interactions of photons with the graviton backgroundIvanov, M. A.
2018Lovemarks: бренды будущегоБелякова, Я. В.
2016Low power race-free state assignment of asynchronous automata minimizing the switching activity of memory elementsPottosin, Yu. V.
2014Low read-only memory distributed arithmetic implementation of quaternion multiplier using split matrix approachPetrovsky, N.; Stankevich, A.; Petrovsky, A.
2017Low temperature conductivity in n-type noncompensated silicon below insulator-metal transitionDanilyuk, A. L.; Trafimenko, A. G.; Fedotov, A. K.; Svito, I. A.; Prischepa, S. L.; Данилюк, А. Л.; Прищепа, С. Л.
2017Low-cost Fortification of Arbiter PUF Against Modeling AttackZalivaka, S. S.; Ivaniuk, A. A.; Chang, C. H.