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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Parallax scrolling in web designGarbuzov, E. V.
2017Parallel computing environment for digital devices simulation and VLSI topology verificationBelous, A.; Solodukha, V.; Shvedov, S.; Borovik, A.; Kostrov, A.; Stempitsky, V.
2018Parallel machine scheduling models with the total machine costKononov, V. A.; Lushchakova, I. N.; Лущакова, И. Н.
2019Parallel skeleton algorithm with one-subiterationMa, Jun; Xunhuan, Ren; Tsviatkou, V. Yu.; Konopelko, V. K.
2016Parametric spin-valve effect in the superconductor/ ferromagnet structuresKushnir, V. N.; Kupriyanov, M. Yu.; Кушнир, В. Н.; Куприянов, М. Ю.
2018Patent landscapes & new technology trends in IoT: extracting and visualizing data patternsStulov, N.
2018Patterns of electrical activity generated by biological neural network in vitroDenisov, A. A.; Bulai, P. M.; Pitlik, T. N.; Molchanov, P. G.; Cherenkevich, S. N.; Pashkevich, S. G.; Dosina, M. O.
2017Peculiarities of magnetoresistance of the spin valve with an antiferromagnetic layerBaiman, G. B.; Bogutsky, A.; Danilyuk, A.
2018Pedagogical conditions for the introduction of multimedia technologies in the educational processAnkuda, S.; Ruchaevskaia, E.
2019Performance assurance for big data and cloud applicationsZibitsker, B.
2014Performance comparison between three processing modes on intel nehalen I5–460MAskari, M.
2020Performance testing and modeling for new analytic applicationsZibitsker, B.; Podelko, A.
2003Period multiplication and chaotic dynamics in a semiconductor with the Gunn instabilityShalatonin, V.; Mishchenko, V.
2017Periodic system for basic perfect fullerenes obtained by fusion reactionsMelker, A.; Krupina, M.; Zarafutdinov, R.
Apr-2016Periscope как инструмент SMMЛосьмаков, С. С.; Юрковская, А. П.
2020Perspective Approaches to Semantic Knowledge Representation and their Applications in the Context of the Task of Automatic Identification of the Semantically Equivalent Fragments of the Text DocumentsHardzei, A. N.; Krapivin, Y. B.; Гордей, А. Н.; Крапивин, Ю. Б.
2020Perspectives for the using of Big Data to ensure the security of critical information systemsTsyrelchuk, I. N.; Yakhshibaev, D. S.; Jiyanbekov, Kh. R.; Pisetsky, Yu. V.; Soo, P. I.
2017Petralex: A smartphone-based real-time digital hearing aid with combined noise reduction and acoustic feedback suppressionVashkevich, M. I.; Azarov, E. S.; Petrovsky, N. A.; Petrovsky, A. A.
2018Phase Formation and Electronic Structure Peculiarities in the Al1 – xSi x Film Composites under the Conditions of Magnetron and Ion-Beam SputteringTerekhov, V. A.; Usol’tseva, D. S.; Serbin, O. V.; Zanin, I. E.; Kulikova, T. V.; Nesterov, D. N.; Barkov, K. A.; Sitnikov, A. V.; Lazaruk, S. K.; Domashevskaya, E. P.; Лазарук, С.К.