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Дата выпускаНазваниеАвтор(ы)
2010T-FLEX CAD : лаборатор. практикум по дисциплине «Системы автоматизированного проектирования ЭВС» для студентов специальности I-40 02 02 «Электрон. вычисл. средства» днев. формы обученияСтанкевич, А. В.
июн-2016Taming the beasts of big and small dataStroo, M.
2016Teaching business English on the basis of case-study methodSologub, I.
2016Teaching of professionally oriented dialogic communication for future economistsPavlyuchenka, I. М.
апр-2015TeleportationSavko, N. Iu.
2014Temperature dependence of multibubble sonoluminescence at different ultrasound intensitiesCalligaris, F.; Dezhkunov, N. V.; Kotukhov, A. V.; Shaplyka, V. V.
2017Temperature-dependent selective growth of carbon nanotubes in Si/SiO2 structures for field emitter array applicationsLabunov, V.; Grapov, D.; Lim Yu Dian; Hu Liangxing; Avramchuck, A. V.; Tay Beng Kang; Aditya Sheel; Miao Jianmin
2013Text steganography in color image using one LSB method along with histogram clusteringEnayatallah Alavi, S.; Mirzavand, R.
2016Texture image segmentation based on classification of contour elements and logical addition of classesAlzakki, H. M.; Tsviatkou, V. Yu.
2016Texture image segmentation based on classification, skeletonization and crossing of contour elementsAlzaki, H. M.
2016The effect of surfactants on superconformal deposition of electroless composites in nanoscale patternsBogush, V. A.
2017The Algorithm to Retrieve Temporal Cases for Temporal Case-Based ReasoningKurilenko, I. E.; Guliakina, N. A.; Куриленко, И. Е.; Гулякина, Н. А.
2017The application of “situation case” method in the study process of media technologiesJarimaviciute-Gudaitiene, Renata
2017The application of the concentrated electromagnetic energy streams in electronics manufacturingLanin, V. L.
июн-2016The Art of Contemporary Time Series Analysis & ForecastingHeger, D. A.
2012The basic electrical characteristics of silicon cellsTresh, A. M.
апр-2015The bitcoinsEgorov, A. V.
2017The challenge of teaching complex topics in a foreign language remotelyStroo, M. G.
мая-2017The computerised warehouse management systemMoses Stephen Malvan
2016The constancy of the ratio H(z)/(1 + z)asasign of low-energy quantum gravityIvanov, M. A.; Иванов, М. А.