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Title: Generalized Dynamics of the Mass Point with Internal Degrees of Freedom
Authors: Tarakanov, A. N.
Keywords: публикации ученых
Classical mechanics
Special Relativity
Internal degrees of freedom
Equations of motion
Energy conservation
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: Tarakanov, A. N. Generalized Dynamics of the Mass Point with Internal Degrees of Freedom/ A. N. Tarakanov. – Режим доступа: . – 9 p.
Abstract: An equation of motion of the mass point with internal degrees of freedom in scalar potential U depending on relative coordinates and time, velocity and accelerations is obtained both for non-relativistic and relativistic case. In non-relativistic case a generalization of the energy conservation law follows, if ∂U/∂t = 0 fulfilled. A concept of work is generalized to relativistic case, leading to corresponding integral of motion, if ∂U/∂τ = 0 fulfilled, where τ is proper time of the point. In neglecting an internal degrees of freedom and absence of interaction this integral of motion gives standard Special Relativity.
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