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Title: Usage of Expert Decision-Making Support Systems in Information Operations Detection
Other Titles: Применение экспертных систем поддержки принятия решений при выявлении информационных операций
Authors: Andriichuk, O. V.
Kachanov, P. T.
Андрейчук, О. В.
Качанов, П. Т.
Keywords: материалы конференций
information security
informational operation
decision-making support system
expert estimate
contentmonitoring system
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: БГУИР
Citation: Andriichuk, O. V. Usage of Expert Decision-Making Support Systems in Information Operations Detection / O. V. Andriichuk, P. T. Kachanov // Открытые семантические технологии проектирования интеллектуальных систем = Open Semantic Technologies for Intelligent Systems (OSTIS-2017) : материалы международной научно-технической конференции (Минск, 16 - 18 февраля 2017 года) / редкол. : В. В. Голенков (отв. ред.) [и др.]. – Минск : БГУИР, 2017. – С. 359 – 364.
Abstract: In this paper a methodology for application of expert data-based decision support tools while identifying informational operations is suggested. The methodology utilizes expert data, obtained through group expert examinations using the respective tools, enabling experts to work remotely in a global network. Based on information, obtained from experts, the knowledge engineer builds the knowledge base of subject domain, using the respective decision support tools. The knowledge base, in its turn, provides the basis for specification of queries for analysis of dynamics of respective informational scenarios using text analytics means. Based on results of the analysis and the knowledge base structure, decision support tools calculate the achievement degree of the main goal of the informational operation as a complex system, consisting of specific informational activities. After that, using the results of these calculations, decision-makers can develop strategic and tactical steps to counter-act the informational operation, evaluate the operation’s efficiency, as well as efficiencies of its separate components.
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