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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Simulation of the optical waves interaction with nanostructure thin aluminum-nickel filmsPechen, T.; Prudnik, A. M.; Прудник, А. М.
2017Unrelaxed InAs1-xSbx alloys grown on compositionally graded buffers with molecular-beam epitaxySadikhova, A.; Kipshidze, G.; Aliyeva, Y.; Ahmedova, Sh.; Abdullayev, N.
2017Applicability of polymer composite materials in the development of tractors falling-object protective structures (FOPS)Lebedev, D.; Aleshin, M.; Ivanov, K.; Klyavin, O.; Nikulina, S.; Rozhdestvensky, O.; Borovkov, A.
2017Investigating the physical and information parameters of nanoscale elements as part of the computing systems with the neural network architectureMakarov, M.
2017Application of the method of electrothermal analogy for prediction of the temperature of structured surfacesLobunov, V.; Kuharenko, A.
2017Lattice thermal conductivity of transition metal dichalcogenidesAlexeev, A.; Krivosheeva, A.; Shaposhnikov, V.; Borisenko, V.
2017Spatial equations of the linear Kelvin-Voigt viscoelasticity, based on deviatorsKravchuk, A.; Smaluk, A.
2017Vehicle dynamics prediction moduleLeoro, J.; Krutitskiy, S.; Tarasov, A.; Borovkov, A.; Aleshin, M.; Klyavin, O.
2017Atomic structure of monoelement nanocrystalsLiopo, V.; Nikitin, A.; Ovchinnikov, E.; Sabuts, A.; Sitkevich, A.
2017Parallel computing environment for digital devices simulation and VLSI topology verificationBelous, A.; Solodukha, V.; Shvedov, S.; Borovik, A.; Kostrov, A.; Stempitsky, V.