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Title: Shielding properties of the metal coatings deposited by cathodic arc deposition on textile materials
Authors: Prudnik, A. M.
Прудник, А. М.
Zamastotsky, Y.
Siarheyev, V.
Siuborov, V.
Stankevich, E.
Pobol, I.
Keywords: публикации ученых
electromagnetic radiation
flexible shielding materials
cathodic arc deposition
metal coatings
attenuation and reflection characteristics
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Bialystok University of Technology, Poland
Citation: Shielding properties of the metal coatings deposited by cathodic arc deposition on textile materials / A. Prudnik and others // Electromagnetic disturbances EMD 2011 : proceedings of the 21st International conference , Białystok , 28–30 September 2011 / Bialystok University of Technology. - Białystok, Poland. - P. 216 – 219.
Abstract: The aim of work was to develop flexible shielding materials with radio protective properties. The article describes the investigation of the effect of metal coatings and their deposition parameters on the shielding properties of textile materials for creation of materials for protection of human organisms from electromagnetic radiation. The samples were prepared using samples of fabrics and knitted fabrics made from natural, synthetic and artificial fibers and yarns of different weaves. Metal coatings were deposited on the textile materials using arc physical vacuum deposition process (cathodic arc deposition). To create shielding metal coatings Cu, Ti and Cr coatings were used in the coating system. Cu and Ti coatings were created in the vacuum and in the presence of carbon dioxide. Frequency behaviour of electromagnetic radiation attenuation and reflection of the samples in the band of 8...12 GHz was studied using network analyzer and waveguide measurement path. The electromagnetic radiation attenuation provided by the samples of different groups is in the range of 510 dB (21–26.5 dB in the case of use of special carbon fabric) and the reflection characteristics vary in the range of –3–11.5 dB depending on the matrix surface shape.
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