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Title: Possible ways of mini-fullerene formation: from four to twenty
Authors: Melker, A.
Keywords: материалы конференций
Sidgwick–Powell’s theory
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: БГУИР
Citation: Melker, A. Possible ways of mini-fullerene formation: from four to twenty / A. Melker // Nano-Design, Technology, Computer Simulation — NDTCS ’ 2013: proceedings of the 15th International Workshop on New Approaches to High-Tech, Minsk, June 11–15, 2013 / BSUIR. - Minsk, 2013. - P. 8 – 10.
Abstract: It is customary to assume that fullerenes are the carbon molecules having a shape close to a spherical surface which can be composed of regular pentagons combined with regular hexagons. From this it follows that the least fullerene has twenty atoms forming twelve pentagons. We have supposed that this restriction is unnecessary [1].
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