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Title: Synthesis and Structure of Anodic Alumina/Carbon Composites
Authors: Chernyakova, K.
Karpicz, R.
Lushpa, N.
Vrublevsky, I.
Keywords: публикации ученых
Alumina/Carbon Composites
Surface morphology
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: NFTMC, Ltd, Lithuania
Citation: Synthesis and Structure of Anodic Alumina/Carbon Composites / K. Chernyakova and other // Advanced Properties and Processes in Optoelectronic Materials and Systems: book of abstracts, Vilnius, 10-12 October. – Vilnius: NFTMC, 2018. – P. 75.
Abstract: In the present study we investigated the peculiarities of synthesis of anodic alumina/carbon composites through onestage electrochemical oxidation of the aluminum foil in aqueous solutions of oxalic, malonic, glycolic, and tartaric acids. We also explored the chemical composition of the composites.
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