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Название: Spin splitting in band structures of BiTeX (X=Cl, Br, I) monolayers
Авторы: Hvazdouski, D. С.
Baranava, M. S.
Stempitsky, V. R.
Гвоздовский, Д. Ч.
Баранова, М. С.
Стемпицкий, В. Р.
Ключевые слова: публикации ученых
ab initio simulation
Rashba effect
spin splitting
Дата публикации: 2018
Издательство: IOPscience, United Kingdom
Библиографическое описание: Hvazdouski, D. С. Spin splitting in band structures of BiTeX (X=Cl, Br, I) monolayers / D. С. Hvazdouski, M. S. Baranava, V. R. Stempitsky // IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering. – 2018. – 347. – P. 012017. – doi:10.1088/1757-899X/347/1/012017.
Краткий осмотр (реферат): In systems with breaking of inversion symmetry a perpendicular electric field arises that interacts with the conduction electrons. It may give rise to electron state splitting even without influence of external magnetic field due to the spin-orbital interaction (SOI). Such a removal of the spin degeneracy is called the Rashba effect. Nanostructure with the Rashba effect can be part of a spin transistor. Spin degeneracy can be realized in a channel from a material of this type without additive of magnetic ions. Lack of additive increases the charge carrier mobility and reliability of the device. Ab initio simulations of BiTeX (X=Cl, Br, I) monolayers have been carried out using VASP wherein implemented DFT method. The study of this structures is of interest because such sort of structures can be used their as spin-orbitronics materials. The crystal parameters of BiTeCl, BiTeBr, BiTeI have been determined by the ionic relaxation and static calculations. It is necessary to note that splitting of energy bands occurs in case of SOI included. The values of the Rashba coefficient aR (in the range from 6.25 to 10.00 eV/Å) have high magnitudes for spintronics materials. Band structure of monolayers structures have ideal Rashba electron gas, i.e. there no other energy states near to Fermi level except Rashba states.
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