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Title: On Lipschitz-like continuity of a class of set-valued mappings
Authors: Bednarczuk, E.
Minchenko, L. I.
Rutkowski, K. E.
Keywords: публикации ученых
Set-valued mappings
parametric optimization
pseudo-Lipschitz continuity
Lipschitz-like continuity
Aubin property
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Group, UK
Citation: Bednarczuk, E. On Lipschitz-like continuity of a class of set-valued mappings / E. Bednarczuk, L. I. Minchenko, K. E. Rutkowski // Optimization: A Journal of Mathematical Programming and Operations Research. – 2019. – DOI:
Abstract: We study set-valued mappings defined by solution sets of parametric systems of equalities and inequalities. We prove Lipschitz-like continuity of these mappings under relaxed constant rank constraint qualification.
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