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Title: Evolution of Cavitation Activity During Ultrasonic Nanostructuring of Magnesium
Authors: Brezhneva, N.
Dezhkunov, N. V.
Mazheika, S. O.
Nenashkina, A.
Skorb, E. V.
Keywords: публикации ученых
transient cavitation
sonochemical nanostructuring
magnesium particles
hydrogen storage
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing, Singapore
Citation: Evolution of Cavitation Activity During Ultrasonic Nanostructuring of Magnesium / N. Brezhneva and other // International Journal of Nanoscience. - 2019. – Vol.18, No 3&4. – P. 1940071-1 - 1940073-3.
Abstract: In this paper we focus on the investigation of the transient cavitation activity evolution during the sonochemical treatment of magnesium aqueous suspensions. We investigated the nonlinear behavior of cavitation activity that can be related with the influence of hydrogen gas released in the reaction of magnesium with water. Ultrasound causes the modification of the magnesium particles leading to the formation of the nanostructured Mg(OH)2 phase (brucite) resulting from both chemical and sonochemical impacts on the magnesium.
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