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Title: Digital twin for pv plant’s power generation analysis
Authors: Asimov, R. M.
Valevich, S.V.
Kruse, I.
Asipovich, V. S.
Keywords: материалы конференций
digital twin
photovoltaic array calculation
defective photovoltaic modules
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Беспринт, РБ
Citation: Digital twin for pv plant’s power generation analysis / R.M. Asimov [and other] // BIG DATA and Advanced Analytics = BIG DATA и анализ высокого уровня: сб. материалов VI Междунар. науч.-практ. конф., Минск, 20-21 мая 2020 года: в 3 ч. Ч. 1 / редкол. : В. А. Богуш [и др.]. – Минск : Бестпринт, 2020. – С. 78-89.
Abstract: A method of PV array-based calculation has been proposed, implemented and tested. The results showed the following. Array-based calculation is able to provide quite accurate results in Pmpp values for array, but defective modules with some electrical issues in particular array could be identified only with some additional modulebased analysis.
ISBN: 978-985-90533-7-5
Appears in Collections:BIG DATA and Advanced Analytics. BIG DATA и анализ высокого уровня (2020)

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