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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020An approach to sheet music information retrievalKorukhova, Y. S.; Tolybayeva, A.; Корухова, Ю. С.; Толыбаева, А.
2020Application of virtual reality technology based on ontology in education of aviationVlasov, S. A.; Borgest, N. M.; Власов, С. А.; Боргест, Н. М.
2020Adaptive control of robotic production systemsSmorodin, V. S.; Prokhorenko, V. A.; Смородин, В. С.; Прохоренко, В. А.
2020The mechanism of optimal control of the evolution of continuous technological systemsPaliukh, B. V.; Egereva, I. A.; Палюх, Б. В.; Егерева, И. А.
2020Examples of intelligent adaptation of digital fields by means of the system GeoBazaDannychTaranchuk, V. B.; Таранчук, В. Б.
2020Principles for enhancing the development and use of standards within Industry 4.0Taberko, V. V.; Ivaniuk, D. S.; Shunkevich, D. V.; Pupena, O. N.; Таберко, В. В.; Иванюк, Д. С.; Шункевич, Д. В.; Пупена, А. Н.
2020Construction of individual geometric 3D model of the lumbar spine of a person based on the analysis of medical imagesSemenchenia, T. S.; Kurochka, K. S.; Семенченя, Т. С.; Курочка, К. С.
2020Analysis of Finite Fluctuations as a Basis of Defining a Set of Neural Network Model InputsSheglevatych, R. V.; Sysoev, A. S.; Щеглеватых, Р. В.; Сысоев, А. С.
2020The Smart Urban Transport SystemShviatsova, A. V.; Shuts, V. N.; Швецова, Е. В.; Шуть, В. Н.
2020Analysis of relation types in semantic network used for text classificationPotaraev, V. V.; Потараев, В. В.