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Title: On almost hyperHermitian structures on Riemannian manifolds and tangent bundles
Authors: Ermolitski, A. A.
Bogdanovich, S. A.
Keywords: публикации ученых
riemannian manifolds
almost hyperHermitian structures
tangent bundle
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Central European Science Jornals
Citation: Ermolitski, A. A. On almost hyperHermitian structures on Riemannian manifolds and tangent bundles / Alexander A. Ermolitski, Serge A. Bogdanovich // Central European Science Jornal of Mathematics . – 2004. – № 2. - P. 615 – 623.
Abstract: Some results concerning almost hyperHermitian structures are considered, using the notions of the canonical connection and the second fundamental tensor field h of a structure on a Riemannian manifold which were introduced by the second author. With the help of any metric connection nocebnacerutcurt s na itimreHr epyhtsomla∇ ⵼ on an almost Hermitian manifold M anstructed in the defined way on the tangent bundle TM. A similar construction was considered in [6], [7]. This structure includes two basic anticommutative almost Hermitian structures for which the second fundamental tensor fields h1 and h2 are computed. It allows us to consider various classes of almost hyperHermitian structures on TM. In particular, there exists an infinite-dimensional set of almost hyperHermitian structures on TTM where M is any Riemannian manifold.
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