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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Development of universal detection methods for identifying chronological or pseudo-chronological order of occurrence of terms in a given subject areaFilimonova, E.; Soloviev, S.; Polyakova, I.; Филимонова, Е. А.; Соловьев, С. Ю.; Полякова, И. Н.
2019Principles of organization and automation of the semantic computer systems developmentGolenkov, V.; Shunkevich, D.; Davydenko, I.; Grakova, N.; Голенков, В. В.; Шункевич, Д. В.; Давыденко, И. Т.; Гракова, Н. В.
2019Multi-criteria evaluation of management decisions in the intellectual system of transportation managementErofeev, A.; Ерофеев, А. А.
2019Methods and tools for ensuring compatibility of computer systemsGolenkov, V.; Guliakina, N.; Davydenko, I.; Eremeev, A.; Голенков, В. В.; Гулякина, Н. А.; Давыденко, И. Т.; Еремеев, А. П.
2019Information Retrieval and Machine Translation in Solving the Task of Automatic Recognition of Adopted Fragments of Text DocumentsKrapivin, Y.; Крапивин, Ю. Б.
2019Implementation of intelligent forecasting subsystem of real-timeEremeev, A.; Kozhukhov, A.; Guliakina, N.; Еремеев, А.; Кожухов, А.; Гулякина, Н.
2019Ontological Approach to Analysis of Big Data MetadataRogushina, J.; Gladun, A.; Рогушина, Ю. В.; Гладун, А. Я.
2019Development of neural network-based consultant recognition method for determining posture and behaviorRozaliev, V.; Alekseev, A.; Ulyev, A.; Orlova, Y.; Petrovsky, A.; Zaboleeva-Zotova, A.; Розалиев, В. Л.; Алексеев, А. В.; Ульев, А. Д.; Орлова, Ю. А.; Петровский, А. Б.; Заболеева-Зотова, А. В.
2019Genetic algorithm of optimizing the size, staff and number of professional teams of programmersPrihozhy, A.; Zhdanouski, A.; Прихожий, А. А.; Ждановский, А. М.
2019Dynamic integrated expert systems: automated construction features of temporal knowledge bases with using problem-oriented methodologyRybina, G. V.; Sorokin, I. A.; Sorokin, D. O.; Рыбина, Г. В.; Сорокин, И. А.; Сорокин, Д. О.