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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Sensor Location Problem’s Software OptimizationPilipchuk, A.; Pilipchuk, L.; Polyachok, E.; Пилипчук, А.; Пилипчук, Л.; Полячок, Е.
2019Knowledge management system and digital transformation of companyGorshkov, S.; Shebalov, R.; Горшков, С.; Шебалов, Р.
2019The methods and the IACPaaS Platform tools for semantic representation of knowledge and development of declarative components for intelligent systemsGribova, V.; Kleschev, A.; Moskalenko, P.; Timchenko, V.; Fedorischev, L.; Shalfeeva, E.; Грибова, В. В.; Клещев, А. С.; Москаленко, Ф. М.; Тимченко, В. А.; Федорищев, Л. А.; Шалфеева, Е. А.
2019Optimizing local feature description and matching for realtime video sequence object detectionHalavataya, K.; Sadov, V.; Головатая, Е. А.; Садов, В. С.
2019Graph of TAPAZ-2 Semantic ClassifierHardzei, A.; Udovichenko, A.; Гордей, А. Н.; Удовиченко, А. М.
2019Efficiency of Intellectual System of Secure Access in a Phased Application of Means of Protection Considering the Intersection of the Sets of Threat DetectionKolomoitcev, V. S.; Bogatyrev, V. A.; Polyakov, V. I.; Коломойцев, В. С.; Богатырев, В. А.; Поляков, В. И.
2019Visual event-situational approach for information preparation of decisions and operational technological management of complex dynamic objectsKolesnikov, A.; Колесников, А. В.
2019Algorithm of generation finite element mesh for the system «vertebrae – intervertebral disk – vertebrae» based on the stl modelKurochka, K.; Panarin, K.; Karabchikova, E.; Курочка, К. С.; Панарин, К. А.; Карабчикова, Е. А.
2019Effective Algorithm for Object Detection in the Video Stream for ARM ArchitecturesKurachka, K.; Nestsiarenia, I.; Курочка, К. С.; Нестереня, И. Г.
2019On Ontological Modeling of Measurements in a Complex Monitoring System of Technical ObjectKoroleva, M.; Burdo, G.; Королева, М. Н.; Бурдо, Г. Б.