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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Fuzzy logic inference ruleset augmentation with sample data in medical decision-making systemsKurochkin, A.; Sadov, V.; Курочкин, А. В.; Садов, В. С.
2019Software Model of Analysis and Visualization of Emotional Intonation of the Spoken PhrasesLobanov, B.; Zhitko, V.; Лобанов, Б. М.; Житко, В. А.
2019Hybrid intelligent multiagent model of heterogeneous thinking for solving the problem of restoring the distribution power grid after failuresKolesnikov, A.; Listopad, S.; Колесников, А. В.; Листопад, С. В.
2019Information structures in the framework of information warfare – ontology approachGrabusts, P.; Грабуст, П. С.
2019Approach to determining the number of clusters in a data setIshchenko, I.; Globa, L.; Buhaienko, Y.; Liashenko, A.; Ищенко, И. А.; Глоба, Л. С.; Бугаенко, Ю. М.; Ляшенко, А. В.
2019Neural network based image understanding with ontological approachIskra, N.; Iskra, V.; Lukashevich, M.; Искра, Н. А.; Искра, В. В.; Лукашевич, М. М.
2019Attributes, scales and measures for knowledge representation and processing modelsIvashenko, V.; Ивашенко, В. П.
2019Implementation of an adaptive model of input and editing information based on XSLT transformations for heterogeneous dataMukhitova, A.; Zhizhimov, O. L.; Мухитова, А.; Жижимов, О. Л.
2019Application of fuzzy models of evolutionary development in optimal control of the system of planned preventative maintenance and repair of equipment for multistage productionPaliukh, B. V.; Vetrov, A. N.; Egereva, I. A.; Emelyanova, I. I.; Палюх, Б. В.; Ветров, А. Н.; Егерева, И. А.; Емельянова, И. И.
2019Algorithm for Fast Image Compression on Heterogeneous Computing DevicesMatskevich, V. V.; Krasnoproshin, V. V.; Мацкевич, В. В.; Краснопрошин, В. В.