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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017FPGA Implementation of Modeling Attack Resistant Arbiter PUF with Enhanced ReliabilityZalivaka, S. S.; Ivaniuk, A. A.; Chang, C. H.
2015FPGA оптимизация комбинированной арифметики на основе алгебры кватернионов и логарифмической системы счисленияУваров, Н. С.
2017FPGA реализация 8-канальных кватернионных банков фильтров на основе распределенной арифметики на сумматорахРыбенков, Е. В.
2015FPSoC using Xilinx Zynq for medical image coding based on the quaternionic paraunitary filter banksPetrovsky, N.; Stankevich, A.; Petrovsky, A.
2017Fractal structure copper clusters in a matrix of polytetrafluoroethyleneBelko, А.; Nikitin, A.
2017From Linguistic Relativity to OntologicalStarzhinsky, V. P.; Старжинский, В. П.
2018From training intelligent systems to training their development toolsGolenkov, V. V.; Gulyakina, N. A.; Grakova, N. V.; Davydenko, I. T.; Nikulenka, V. Y.; Eremeev, A. P.; Tarasov, V. B.
2004From Мicro - to NanoelectronicsLabunov, V. A.
2013Fullerene-based systems as components of nanoelectronic devicesBritch, M.; Dobrego, K.; Krasovskaya, L.
2018Fundamentals of New Effective System to Accelerate Language Acquisition Using Visual ApproachBradbury, B. L.; Tahini, I. H.; Dadykin, А. K.
2015Future of big dataDominique A. Heger
2019Future of the Belarusian IT Sector: From IT Outsourcing to Industry 4.0?Parkhimenka, U.
2014Fuzzy logic controller design for photovoltaic systemElzein, I.; Petrenko, Y. N.
2019Fuzzy logic inference ruleset augmentation with sample data in medical decision-making systemsKurochkin, A.; Sadov, V.; Курочкин, А. В.; Садов, В. С.
2018Fuzzy logic into control system challengesNguen Hong Kuan; Al Sabeeh Amjad Karim
2019Fuzzy Logic Technique In MedcineAL subaih Amjed Kareem Tuama
2018Fuzzy logic usage for the data processing in the Internet of Things networksGloba, L.; Kurdecha, V.; Ishchenko, I.; Zakharchuk, A.; Kunieva, N.
2018Fuzzy secure sketch biometric scheme based on non-binary turbo codesAssanovich, B. A.; Veretilo, Yu. N.
15-Jun-2004Galaxy number counts in a presence of the graviton backgroundIvanov, M. A.