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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Petralex: A smartphone-based real-time digital hearing aid with combined noise reduction and acoustic feedback suppressionVashkevich, M. I.; Azarov, E. S.; Petrovsky, N. A.; Petrovsky, A. A.
2017Real-time implementation of hearing aid with combined noise and acoustic feedback reduction based on smartphoneAzarov, E. S.; Vashkevich, M. I.; Petrovsky, A. A.
2015Real-time pitch modification system for speech and singing voiceAzarov, E. S.; Vashkevich, M. I.; Likhachov, D. S.; Petrovsky, A. A.
2018Sound Signal Invariant DAE Neural Network-Based Quantizer Architecture of Audio/Speech Coder Using the Matching Pursuit AlgorithmAvramov, V. V.; Herasimovich, V.; Petrovsky, A. A.
2015Speech enhancement in quasi-periodic noises using improved spectral subtraction based on adaptive samplingAzarov, E. S.; Vashkevich, M. I.; Petrovsky, A. A.
2017Structurally orthogonal finite precision FPGA implementation of block-lifting-based quaternionic paraunitary filter banks for L2L image codingPetrovsky, N. A.; Rybenkov, E. V.; Petrovsky, A. A.