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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Experience in orgaanizing educational process in Big Data analytics at BSUIRBatura, M. P.; Dzik, S. K.; Zibitsker, B.; Likhacheuski, D. V.; Tsyrelchuk, I. N.; Yashin, K. D.
2017Experience of distance education of us students at the branch of the design of information computer systems departmentBatura, M. P.; Zibitsker, E.; Dzik, S. К.; Tsyrelchuk, I. N.; Shneiderov, E. N.; Батура, М. П.; Зибицкер, Э.; Дик, С. К.; Цырельчук, И. Н.; Шнейдеров, Е. Н.
2020Optimization of business processes via Big DataTsyrelchuk, I. N.; Mamatova, N. M.; Abdul-Azalova, M. Y.
2020Perspectives for the using of Big Data to ensure the security of critical information systemsTsyrelchuk, I. N.; Yakhshibaev, D. S.; Jiyanbekov, Kh. R.; Pisetsky, Yu. V.; Soo, P. I.
2018Photovoltaic degradation rates: on the way of improvementZhidiliaeva, N. I.; Tsyrelchuk, I. N.
2017Software for evaluating the electronic safety system reliability in case of large volume of data about its technical conditions availabilityDzik, S. S.; Tsyrelchuk, N. I.; Borovikov, S. M.; Tsyrelchuk, I. N.; Dzik, S. .; Zhidiliaeva, N. I.
2017Software for predicting the reliability of the electronic system by its technical states set analysis methodTsyrelchuk, N. I.; Dzik, S. S.; Borovikov, S. M.; Tsyrelchuk, I. N.; Kaziuchyts, V. O.; Zhidiliaeva, N. I.; Shneiderov, E. N.
2015Specialists training in big data using distributed architectural solutions servicesBatura, M. P.; Dzik, S. S.; Tsyrelchuk, I. N.; Komlichenko, V. N.; Unuchek, E.
2017Structural and optical properties of nano-granular In2S3 filmsGremenok, V. F.; Khoroshko, V. V.; Tsyrelchuk, I. N.; Sereda, A. S.; Petlitskaya, T. V.; Piatlitski, A. N.; Ramakrishna Reddy, K. T.; Rasool, S.