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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Pore formation in highly ordered anodic alumina templates controlled by the rate of electrolyte stirring at the oxide surfaceVidekov, V. H.; Vrublevsky, I. A.; Tzaneva, B.; Chernyakova, E. V.
2019Study of microstructure of porous anodic alumina films formed in malonic acid in the wide range of aluminium anodizing voltagesChernyakova, E. V.; Vrublevsky, I. A.; Videkov, V. H.; Tzaneva, B.
2017Study of thermal conductivity of nanoporous anodic alumina layer formed in sulphuric acid using steady-state heat flow techniqueAndreev, S.; Chernyakova, E. V.; Tzaneva, B.; Videkov, V. H.; Vrublevsky, I. A.
2018Surface morphology analysis nanoporous structure qanitification by digital processing of SEM images of anodic aluminium oxide filmsChernyakova, E. V.; Vrublevsky, I. A.; Tzaneva, B.; Videkov, V. H.; Dinh, T.