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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018From training intelligent systems to training their development toolsGolenkov, V. V.; Guliakina, N. A.; Grakova, N. V.; Davydenko, I. T.; Nikulenka, V. Y.; Eremeev, A. P.; Tarasov, V. B.
2017Implementation of Reinforcement Learning Tools for Real-Time Intelligent Decision Support SystemsEremeev, A. P.; Kozhukhov, A. A.
2019Methods and tools for ensuring compatibility of computer systemsGolenkov, V. V.; Gulyakina, N. A.; Davydenko, I. T.; Eremeev, A. P.
2020Modeling of Reasoning a Cognitive Agent with Significant Time RestrictionsFominykh, I. B.; Eremeev, A. P.; Alekseev, N. P.; Gulyakina, N. A.