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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A local construction of Riemannian metricErmolitski, A. A.; Rusetski, V. A.
2014Crystal Spheres as the WorldErmolitski, A. A.
2007Deformations of structures, embedding of a riemannian manifold in a kaёhlerian one and geometric antigravitationErmolitski, A. A.
2014Embeddings of Almost Hermitian Manifold in Almost Hyper Hermitian Manifold and Complex (Hypercomplex) Numbers in Riemannian GeometryErmolitski, A. A.
2013New Approach to the Generalized Poincare ConjectureErmolitski, A. A.
2019On a geometric model of an universeErmolitski, A. A.; Bogdanovich, S. A.
2004On almost hyperHermitian structures on Riemannian manifolds and tangent bundlesErmolitski, A. A.; Bogdanovich, S. A.
1998Riemannian manifolds with geometric structuresErmolitski, A. A.