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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Experimental Estimation of Shielding Effectiveness of Composite Materials by Use of Ultra Wideband Electromagnetic PulsesГаленко, А. В.; Tsyanenka, D. A.; Mordachev, V. I.; Sinkevich, E. V.; Lynkou, L. M.; Prudnik, A. M.; Galenko, A. V.; Wen-Qing Guo; Xie Ma; Zhe Wang
2021Fast Discrete Diagnostics of EMC of Complex Co-Located Radio Systems by Using Worst-Case Models of Electromagnetic Spurious CouplingsMordachev, V. I.; Sinkevich, E. V.; Tsyanenka, D. A.; Arlou, Y. Y.; Svistunou, A. S.; Galenko, A. V.
2021Fast EMC Diagnostics of Complex On-Board Radio Systems with Use of Experimentally Refined Worst-Case and Conditionally Worst-Case Models of "Transmitter-to-Receiver" InteractionsSinkevich, E. V.; Mordachev, V. I.; Galenko, A. V.; Kharasheuski, Y.; Panchanka, M.; Bobra, V.
2021UWB EMP Susceptibility Testing of General-Purpose Electronic, Radio Communication, and Industrial EquipmentTsyanenka, D. A.; Mordachev, V. I.; Sinkevich, E. V.; Galenko, A. V.; Xie Ma; Wen-Qing Guo