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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Neutral silicon-vacancy color center in diamond: cluster simulation of spatial and hyperfine characteristicsPushkarchuk, A. L.; Kuten, S. A.; Pushkarchuk, V. A.; Nizovtsev, A. P.; Kilin, S. Ya.
2018Non-flipping 13C spins near an NV center in diamond: hyperfine and spatial characteristics by density functional theory simulation of the C510[NV]H252 clusterNizovtsev, A. P.; Kilin, S. Ya.; Pushkarchuk, A. L.; Pushkarchuk, V. A.; Kuten, S. A.; Zhikol, O. A.; Schmitt, S.; Unden, T.; Jelezko, F.
2019Spin Properties of Germanium-Vacancy Centers in Bulk and Near-Surface Regions of DiamondPushkarchuk, V. A.; Kuten, S. A.; Nizovtsev, A. P.; Kilin, S. Ya.