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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Analysis of users work in corporate management system and e-shopVishniakou, U.A.; Al-Musawi Hani, H. J.; Nvosu, I. K.
2015Analysis of information securityin e-commerceVishniakou, U.A.; Forootan, M.
2020Automation tools for the development of internet of thing networksVishniakou, U.A.; Shaya, B. H.; Al-Masri, A. H.; Al-Haji, S. H.
2014Development of information security of corporate information systems on the base of intellectual technologiesGhnabari, Zahra; Vishniakou, U.A.
2014Information security tools and the use of intellectual agentsZahra Ghnabari; Vishniakou, U.A.
2021IOT network: models, structure, communications, problemsVishniakou, U.A.; Du Zongqi; Liu Zhenhua; Hu Jifeng; Yu Chunyu
2019Model and structure of multiagent system for collection and processing sound informationShaya, B. H.; Vishniakou, U.A.
2021Model, structure and algorithm of the internet of things for the management of production quality controlVishniakou, U.A.; Hu Zhifeng
1999Models and Tools of Logical Inference SystemsVishniakou, U.A.; German, O. V.
2021Structure and database of the internet of things network for milk quality controlVishniakou, U.A.; AL-Haji, K. S.
2021Structure and elements of the internet of things network for milk quality controlVishniakou, U.A.; Al-Masri, H. M.