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dc.contributor.authorKukharenko, L. V.-
dc.contributor.authorSchimmel, Th.-
dc.contributor.authorFuchs, H.-
dc.contributor.authorBarczewski, M.-
dc.contributor.authorShman, T. V.-
dc.contributor.authorTaraso, A. V.-
dc.contributor.authorКухаренко, Л. В.-
dc.identifier.citationKukharenko, L. V. Atomic force microscopy study of fibroblasts of fanconi anemia patients after exposure to γ-radiation / L. V. Kukharenko other // Медэлектроника – 2015. Средства медицинской электроники и новые медицинские технологии : сборник научных статей IX Международная научно-техническая конференция (Минск, 4 – 5 декабря 2015 г.). – Минск : БГУИР, 2015. – С. 184 – 186.ru_RU
dc.description.abstractIn this study the structural and surface morphological changes of Fanconi anemia patient’s fibroblasts occurring after exposure to γ–radiation were investigated by atomic force microscopy and foci immunofluorescence staining. It was found that the reorganization of the actin cytoskeleton had occurred in Fanconi anemia patient’s fibroblasts in 24 hours after irradiation, having resulted in reduction of the cell membrane stiffness and increase of adhesion in nuclear and lamellipodial regions of the cell.ru_RU
dc.subjectматериалы конференцийru_RU
dc.titleAtomic force microscopy study of fibroblasts of fanconi anemia patients after exposure to γ-radiationru_RU
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