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Title: Experience in orgaanizing educational process in Big Data analytics at BSUIR
Authors: Batura, M. P.
Dzik, S. K.
Zibitsker, B.
Likhacheuski, D. V.
Tsyrelchuk, I. N.
Yashin, K. D.
Keywords: материалы конференций;educational process;Big Data analytics
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: БГУИР
Citation: Experience in orgaanizing educational process in Big Data analytics at BSUIR / M. P. Batura [et al.] // BIG DATA and Advanced Analytics: collection of materials of the third international scientific and practical conference, Minsk, Belarus, May 3–4, 2017 / editorial board : М. Batura [et al.]. – Minsk : BSUIR, 2017. – С. 119-126.
Abstract: For the last three years BSUIR has been offering Big Data educational courses. The initial course was conducted by Dr. Boris Zibitsker and Dr. Dominique Heger remotely. One part of the course included theory and the second one was Capstone project. Many students faced the problem of understanding the English materials and so the consequent courses were read in Russian. We always look for the way to improve educational process. Currently we use IBM’s Big Data University Ambassodar program and students have a remote access to IBM’s Big Data clusters to com- plete exercises. Fourth year students of Computer-aided Design Faculty took introductory courses and currently there are 58 3rd year students studying Fundamentals of BIG DATA, Introduction to data analysis and R technology, and Machine learning algorithms. The classes are conducted in Russian and the students complete the exercises at the time suitable for them. This approach of conducting classes in Russian and completing exercises using IBM resources improved the process signifi- cantly. We are working on expending Big Data curriculum and offering courses to the students and PhD candidates of different faculties.
Appears in Collections:BIG DATA and Advanced Analytics. Использование BIG DATA для оптимизации бизнеса и информационных технологий (2017)

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