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dc.contributor.authorBordusov, S. V.-
dc.contributor.authorBozhko, A. I.-
dc.contributor.authorMadveika, S. I.-
dc.contributor.authorTihon, O. I.-
dc.contributor.authorBarouski, I.-
dc.identifier.citationInvestigation of peculiarities of the discharge excitation with hollow cathode effect in N2 in a tube electrode / Bordusov S. V. and others // Plasma Physics and Technology – 2018. – V 5, №3. – P.99 – 102.ru_RU
dc.description.abstractThe influence of some constructive discharge system elements on the electric excitation modes and stable maintaining of pulse glow discharge plasma in N2 in a hollow tube cathode has been investigated. The investigation has been carried out within 50 –700 Pa N2 pressure range. The dependence of voltage amplitude values, exciting the discharge with a hollow cathode effect, on the pressure of plasma forming gas at various cathode positions in the quartz tube have been obtained. The experiments show that the discharge is excited and glows stably in the range of 50–660Pa pressure when the plasma forming gas passes through the discharge system, and in a narrower 100–500Pa range when the gas is fed past the discharge system. It was established that the influence of distance between the cathode and the counter-electrode in the range of 110–200 mm on the excitation modes and maintaining of the discharge with a hollow effect is insignificant.ru_RU
dc.publisherPrague, Czech Republic.ru_RU
dc.subjectпубликации ученыхru_RU
dc.subjecthollow cathoderu_RU
dc.subjecttube electroderu_RU
dc.titleInvestigation of peculiarities of the discharge excitation with hollow cathode effect in N2 in a tube electroderu_RU
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