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dc.contributor.authorRudenko, M. V.-
dc.contributor.authorRaichenok, T. F.-
dc.contributor.authorMukhin, N. V.-
dc.contributor.authorGaponenko, N. V.-
dc.contributor.authorРуденко, М. В.-
dc.contributor.authorГапоненко, Н. В.-
dc.identifier.citationSynthesis and Photoluminescence of Strontium Titanate Xerogels Doped with Terbium, Ytterbium and Europium / M. V. Rudenko [et al.] // NATO Science for Peace and Security Series B: Physics and Biophysics (Quantum Nano-Photonics) – 2018. – P. 435 – 437. DOI:
dc.description.abstractLuminescent structures presented monocrystalline silicon and porous anodic alumina with neodymium doped yttrium alumina composites YAC:Nd that were formed by sol-gel route from different sols. Structure, phase composition and luminescence of the obtained structures were investigated. Photoluminescence spectra of structures containing YAC:Nd carry emission bands caused by electron transitions of neodymium. Thin emission bands structure of all samples occurs due to Stark effect appearance.ru_RU
dc.publisherSpringer, Netherlandsru_RU
dc.subjectпубликации ученыхru_RU
dc.subjectYttrium alumina compositesru_RU
dc.titleSynthesis and Photoluminescence of Strontium Titanate Xerogels Doped with Terbium, Ytterbium and Europiumru_RU
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