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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Photo- and cathodoluminescence of strontium titanate xerogel films doped with terbium ionsRudenko, M. V.; Kortov, V. S.; Gaponenko, N. V.; Mudryi, A. V.; Zvonarev, S. V.
2013Photo- and under X-ray luminescence from xerogels embedded in mesoporous anodic aluminaGaponenko, N.; Kortov, V.; Pustovarov, V.; Zvonarev, S.; Slesarev, A.; Rudenko, M.; Khoroshko, L.; Asharif, A.; Sohrabi, H.; Podhorodecki, A.; Zatrub, G.; Misiewicz, J.; Prislopskii, S.
2017Photocatalytic activity of nanostructured semiconducting metal oxides fabricated on microstructured aluminum foilBaglov, A. V.; Khoroshko, L. S.; Denisov, N. M.
2017Photocatalytic activity of nanostructured titania coatings on aluminum substratesDenisov, N. M.; Baglov, A. V.; Borisenko, V. E.; Uglov, V. V.; Malashevich, A. A.
2015Photocatalytic destruction of tetracycline hydrochloride on surface of titania dioxide films modified by gold nanoparticlesBorisenko, V. E.; Linnik, O. P.; Zhukovskiy, M. A.; Starukh, G. N.; Smirnova, N. P.; Gaponenko, N. V.; Asharif, A. M.; Khoroshko, L. S.
2015Photocurrent in strontium titanate films on silicon substratesSohrabi Anaraki, H.; Gaponenko, N. V.; Ivanov, V. A.
2018Photosensitive heterostructures based on island-grid films and nanoporous matrices and sulphide nanostructuresZakhlebayeva, A.; Bogomazova, N.; Pligovka, A.; Murashkevich, A.; Galkovsky, T.; Gorokh, G.; Захлебаева, А. И.; Плиговка, А. Н.; Горох, Г. Г.
2018Photosensitive sulphide heterostructures obtained by using Successive Ionic Layer Adsorption and Reaction on planar and profiled substratesBogomazova, N.; Gorokh, G.; Zakhlebayeva, A.; Pligovka, A.; Murashkevich, A.; Galkovsky, T.; Горох, Г. Г.; Захлебаева, А. И.; Плиговка, А. Н.
2019Phototunable selective reflection of cholesteric liquid crystalsChepeleva, D. S.; Yakovleva, A. S.; Murauski, A. A.; Kukhta, I. N.; Muravsky, A. A.
2018Photovoltaic degradation rates: on the way of improvementZhidiliaeva, N. I.; Tsyrelchuk, I. N.
2012PHP. Практика создания сайтовМихалькевич, А. В.
2018Physic der musikТарасенко, Т. В.
2017Physics, Chemistry and Application of Nanostructures. Proceedings of International Conference Nanomeeting-2017Borisenko, V. E.; Gaponenko, S. V.; Gurin, V. S.; Kam, C. H.
2016Pipelined block-lifting-based embedded processor for multiplying quaternions using distributed arithmeticPetrovsky, N.; Stankevich, A.; Petrovsky, A.
2019Pixel level based convolutional neural networks model for robot navigationHeger, D. A.
2019Place – легкий поиск парковочных местДеменковец, Д. В.; Прудников, В. М.; Ивончик, К. С.; Бондарь, Е. А.
2014Planar microstrip antenna arrays with one-dimensional scaningYurtsev, O. A.; Naumovich, N. M.; JIiang Bo; Ma Tong Bian; Cheng Hui Bin
2015Planning time-management as sequencing given jobs with interval processing timesEgorova, N. G.; Sotskov, Y. N.; Werner, F.
May-2017Plasma module for nonthermal activation of vacuum-plasma processesYunik, A. D.
2013Plasma-mechanical oscillations in carbon nanotubes arrayDanilyuk, A.; Podryabinkin, D.