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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A continual approach to Van der Waals interactions in carbon nanotube based systemsBelahurau, Ya.; Barcaline, V.
2011A cultural reasoning architecture and learningVolner, R.; Ticha, D.; Bores, P.
15-Nov-2008A few remarks about the Pioneer anomalyIvanov, M. A.
2015A framework for agent-based analysis of big collections of medical image dataKovalev, V. A.
2013A local construction of Riemannian metricErmolitski, A. A.; Rusetski, V. A.
2006A millimeter-wave two-stage orbotronGurevich, A. V.; Yeryomka, V. D.; Sinitsyn, A. K.; Гуревич, А. В.
May-2017A mind map method as an effective tool to display the notional human systemScherbuk, A. V.
2-Jul-2002A model of gravitation with global U(1)-symmetryIvanov, M. A.
2018A model of multi-key steganographic systemUrbanovich, P. P.; Shutko, N. P.; Zapała, A. M.
1999A model of radiative recombination in n-type porous silicon-aluminum Schottky junctionBalucani, M.; Bondarenko, V.; Franchina, L.; Lamedica, G.; Yakovtseva, V. A.; Ferrari, A.
2013A neural network-like combinatorial data structure for symbolic machine learning algorithmsNaidenova, Xenia; Parkhomenko, Vladimir
2015A new approach for anomaly detection in web applicationsAlavi, S. E.
29-Dec-2012A new basis for cosmology without dark energyIvanov, M. A.
2019A new improved fast parallel skeletonize algorithmMa Jun; Tsviatkou, V. Yu.; Konopelko, V. K.; Цветков, В. Ю.; Конопелько, В. К.
Jun-2016A new method to feature selection in highdimantional data sets for data miningAlavi, S. E.; Ahmadi, H.
2011A new time-discretization for delay multiple-input nonlinear systems using the Taylor method and first order holdKostyukova, O. I.; Yuanliang Zhang; Kil To Chong
2019A nickname is one of the ways of self-presentation of a person in a virtual spaceManchenko, A. A.
25-May-2009A non-geometrical approach to quantum gravityIvanov, M. A.
13-Jan-2008A non-universal transition to asymptotic freedom in low-energy quantum gravityIvanov, M. A.
2014A Novel Secure Steganographic Method Based on Zero Tree MethodSeyyedi, S. A.; Ivanov, N. N.