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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008R, С элементы интегральных микросхем на основе наноструктурных вентильных металлов и композиционных металлоксидовМозалев, А. М.; Плиговка, А. Н.
2018Race-free state assignment for low power asynchronous automatonPottosin, Yu. V.; Поттосин, Ю. В.
2018Radiation-enhanced diffusion of phosphorus in siliconVelichko, O. I.; Величко, О. И.
2013Radioactive nanodiamondsDolmatov, V.; Gorbunov, E.; Rudometkin, A.
2018Railway traffic management system with the intellectual controlErofeev, A. A.
2017Raman characterization and modeling of Cu2ZnSn1-XGeXS4 single crystals grown using chemical vapor transportCano-Torres, J. M.; Caballero, R.; Victorov, I.; León, M.; Garcia-Llamas, E.; Yukhymchuk, V. O.; Yaremko, A. M.; Havryliuk, Ye. O.; Bodnar, I.; Merino, J. M.
1988Raman scattering in the ferroelectric diglycine nitrateLavrenčič, B. B.; Rodin, S. V.
2017Raman study of CVD graphene irradiated by swift heavy ionsKolesov, E. A.; Tivanov, M. S.; Korolik, O. V.; Apel, P. Yu.; Skuratov, V. A.; Saad, A. M.; Komissarov, I. V.; Swic, A.; Żukowski, P. V.; Koltunowicz, T. N.
2015RC - задержка сигнала в металлических межсоединениях элементов интегральных микросхемБегунов, П. С.
6-Jun-2017RC-задержка сигнала в межсоединениях интегральных микросхемЧерных, А. Г.; Шульгов, В. В.
Apr-2015Reactive ion etching parameters optimization in victory processVolchek, V. S.
2017Real time control system on the base of EtherCAT technology for Universal Assembly UnitDainiak, I. V.
2017Real-time implementation of hearing aid with combined noise and acoustic feedback reduction based on smartphoneAzarov, I. S.; Vashkevich, M. I.; Petrovsky, A. A.
2015Real-time pitch modification system for speech and singing voiceAzarov, I. S.; Vashkevich, M. I.; Likhachov, D. S.; Petrovsky, A. A.
2018Realtime computer-aided object detection in endoscopic screeningHalavataya, K.; Kurachkin, A.
2018Recognition of human emotional state using the SVM and ANN algorithmsAstakhov, D.; Kataev, A.
2019Recognition of Sarcastic Sentences in the Task of Sentiment AnalysisDolbin, A.; Rozaliev, V.; Orlova, Y.; Fomenkov, S.; Долбин, А. В.; Розалиев, В. Л.; Орлова, Ю. А.; Фоменков, С. А.
2020Recognition of underlying surface using a convolutional neural network on a single-board computePaulenka, D. A.; Kovalev, V. A.; Snezhko, E. V.; Liauchuk, V. A.; Pechkovsky, E. I.
2015Reconstruction of the Surface Heat Flux for a Quasi-linear System of the Hyperbolic Type Heat-Conduction EquationsKostyukova, O. I.; Borukhov, V. T.
2020Recovery behavior of the luminescence peak from graphitic carbon nitride as a function of the synthesis temperatureChubenko, E. B.; Denisov, N. M.; Baglov, A. V.; Bondarenko, V. P.; Uglov, V. V.; Borisenko, V. E.