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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Application of time series to performance assurance of Big Data environmentBalasanov, Y.; Zibitsker, B.; Bakanas, T.; Hammond, E.; Islas-Martinez, M.
2016Enterprise Performance Assurance Based on Big Data AnalyticsZibitsker, B.
2017Experience in orgaanizing educational process in Big Data analytics at BSUIRBatura, M. P.; Dzik, S. K.; Zibitsker, B.; Likhacheuski, D. V.; Tsyrelchuk, I. N.; Yashin, K. D.
2018Factors Affecting Machine Learning Algorithms SelectionZibitsker, B.; Heger, D. A.
2020How to apply modeling and optimization to select the appropriate cloud platformZibitsker, B.; Lupersolsky, A.
2017Incorporation of prescriptive analytics for performance engineering and dynamic performance management of Big Data applicationsZibitsker, B.
2019Performance assurance for big data and cloud applicationsZibitsker, B.
2020Performance testing and modeling for new analytic applicationsZibitsker, B.; Podelko, A.
2015Role of big data and predictive analytic for business and itZibitsker, B.