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Title: Performance testing and modeling for new analytic applications
Authors: Zibitsker, B.
Podelko, A.
Keywords: материалы конференций;load testing;performance testing;application performance;cloud platform;big data;workload characterization;методология DevOps
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Беспринт
Citation: Zibitsker, B. Performance testing and modeling for new analytic applications / B. Zibitsker, A. Podelko // BIG DATA and Advanced Analytics = BIG DATA и анализ высокого уровня: сб. материалов VI Междунар. науч. - практ. конф., Минск, 20 - 21 мая 2020 года: в 3 ч. Ч. 1 / редкол.: В. А. Богуш [и др.]. – Минск : Бестпринт, 2020. – С. 19–32.
Abstract: Traditional load testing (optimized for the waterfall software development process) was mostly focused on pre-production realistic tests. Drastic changes in the industry in recent years - agile development and cloud computing probably the most - opened new opportunities for performance testing. Instead of the single way of doing performance testing, we now have a full spectrum of different tests which can be done at different moments - so deciding what and when to test has become a very non-trivial task heavily depending on the context.
ISBN: 978-985-90533-7-5
Appears in Collections:BIG DATA and Advanced Analytics = BIG DATA и анализ высокого уровня : материалы конференции (2020)

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