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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007A surface adsorption model for electroless cobalt alloy thin filmsShacham-Diamand, Y.; Sverdlov, Y.; Bogush, V. A.; Ofek-Almog, R.
2022Characteristics of anisotropic media over hydrocarbons in the mode of frequency-modulated signalsYanushkevich, V. F.; Dauhiala, D. A.; Maladzechkina, T. V.; Kalintsau, S. V.; Bogush, V. A.
2021Effect of a powerful low-frequency signal on an anisotropic medium over hydrocarbonYanushkevich, V. F.; Dauhiala, D. A.; Adamovich, A. L.; Abramenka, S. N.; Bogush, V. A.
2006Electrochemical Study of the Mechanism of Ag(W) Electroless DepositionInberg, A.; Bogush, V. A.; Croitoru, N.; Shacham-Diamand, Y.
2009Formation of Copper Containing Fiber Composite Materials for Microwave Radiation ScreensLitvin, L. G.; Bogush, V. A.
2006Microstructure and material properties of electroless CoWP films obtained from sulfamate solutionsSverdlov, Y.; Bogush, V. A.; Shacham-Diamand, Y.
2004Rigid electromagnetic shielding structures for video display terminalsLynkou, L. M.; Kolbun, N. V.; Prudnik, A. M.; Bogush, V. A.; Tereh, I. S.; Borbotko, T. V.
2009Spectro-polarized imitation of vegetationLynkou, L. M.; Beliaev, B. I.; Pavlovich, M. S.; Borbotko, T. V.; Bogush, V. A.
2016The effect of surfactants on superconformal deposition of electroless composites in nanoscale patternsBogush, V. A.