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Title: Rigid electromagnetic shielding structures for video display terminals
Authors: Lynkou, L. M.
Kolbun, N. V.
Prudnik, A. M.
Bogush, V. A.
Tereh, I. S.
Borbotko, T. V.
Keywords: публикации ученых;electromagnetic radiation;display terminals
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: The Society for Information Display (SID)
Citation: Rigid electromagnetic shielding structures for video display terminals / L. M. Lynkov and others // Advanced display technologies : proc. of The 13th Symposium, Belarus, 7–10 September, 2004. — Minsk, 2004. — P. 251–254.
Abstract: Exploration of negative effects of computer electromagnetic radiation proves the need of development and use of highly effective shielding constructions that don't worsen display ergonomic characteristics and provide safe work for computer user. Rigid liquid-containing structures can be used for shielding display terminals electromagnetic radiation to improve electromagnetic environment at computer user workplace. Such constructions perform effectiveness of 5–20 dB in the frequency range of 100–500 MHz and practically do not worsen display optical characteristics.
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