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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Approach to determining the structural similarity of software projectsGuskov, G. U.; Namestnikov, A.
2021Development an ontology based intelligence search system for goods for an online store on the CS-Cart platformGuskov, G. U.; Zarayskiy, V.; Filippov, A. A.; Romanov, A. A.
2017Ontological Mapping for Conceptual Models of Software SystemGuskov, G. U.; Namestnikov, A. M.
2020OSTIS technology overview in the context of fuzzy systems developmentRomanov, A. A.; Filippov, A. A.; Guskov, G. U.; Vasin, A. O.; Skalkin, A. M.; Stroeva, Y. V.
2019The building of the production capacity planning system for the aircraft factoryYarushkina, N.; Romanov, A.; Filippov, A. A.; Guskov, G. U.; Grigoricheva, M.; Dolganovskaya, A.