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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20203D silver dendrites for single-molecule imaging by surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopyBandarenka, H. V.; Khinevich, N. V.; Burko, A. A.; Redko, S. V.; Zavatski, S. A.; Shapel, U. A.; Mamatkulov, K. Z.; Vorobyeva, M. Yu.; Arzumanyan, G. M.
2019Bimetallic nanostructures on porous silicon with controllable surface plasmon resonanceKhinevich, N. V.; Zavatski, S. A.; Kholyavo, V.; Bandarenka, H. V.
2019Fabrication and simulation of silver nanostructures on different types of porous silicon for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopyRedko, S. V.; Dolgiy, A. L.; Zhigulin, D.; Kholyavo, V.; Khinevich, N. V.; Zavatski, S. A.; Bandarenka, H. V.
2020Silicon Nanowire Arrays Coated with Ag and Au Dendrites for Surface-Enhanced Raman ScatteringGrevtsov, N. L.; Burko, A. A.; Redko, S. V.; Khinevich, N. V.; Zavatski, S. A.; Niauzorau, S. A.; Bandarenka, H. V.
2019Study of Diluted Meldonium Solutions by Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering SpectroscopyKhinevich, N. V.; Zavatski, S. A.; Bandarenka, H. V.; Belyatsky, V.; Galyuk, E.; Ryneiskaya, O.
2019Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy of Lactoferrin Adsorbed on Silvered Porous Silicon Covered with GrapheneZavatski, S. A.; Khinevich, N. V.; Girel, K. V.; Redko, S. V.; Kovalchuk, N. G.; Komissarov, I. V.; Lukashevich, U. A.; Semak, Igor; Mamatkulov, Kahramon; Vorobyeva, Maria; Arzumanyan, G. M.; Bandarenka, H. V.