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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A statistical model of interference in wireless networks, network-scale fading and outage probability-network density tradeoffMordachev, V. I.; Loyka, S. L.
2021Analysis of EMC between Medical Short-Range Devices and Equipment of Wireless Systems CouplingsSvistunou, A. S.; Mordachev, V. I.; Sinkevich, E. V.; Ming Ye; Dubovik, A. A.
2020Computationally Effective Wideband Worst Case Model of Electromagnetic Wave Penetration between Compartments inside EnclosureTsyanenka, D. A.; Sinkevich, E. V.; Tamashevich, Y.; Mordachev, V. I.; Arlou, Y. Y.; Xie, Ma
2020Computationaly Efficient Wideband Worst Case Model of Plane Electromagnetic Wave Diffraction by Conductive System HullTsyanenka, D. A.; Shakinka, I.; Arlou, Y. Y.; Mordachev, V. I.; Sinkevich, E. V.; Guo, W.Q.
2021Electromagnetic Background Generated by Mobile (Cellular) CommunicationsMordachev, V. I.
2021Experimental Estimation of Shielding Effectiveness of Composite Materials by Use of Ultra Wideband Electromagnetic PulsesГаленко, А. В.; Tsyanenka, D. A.; Mordachev, V. I.; Sinkevich, E. V.; Lynkou, L. M.; Prudnik, A. M.; Galenko, A. V.; Wen-Qing Guo; Xie Ma; Zhe Wang
2021Fast Discrete Diagnostics of EMC of Complex Co-Located Radio Systems by Using Worst-Case Models of Electromagnetic Spurious CouplingsMordachev, V. I.; Sinkevich, E. V.; Tsyanenka, D. A.; Arlou, Y. Y.; Svistunou, A. S.; Galenko, A. V.
2021Fast EMC Diagnostics of Complex On-Board Radio Systems with Use of Experimentally Refined Worst-Case and Conditionally Worst-Case Models of "Transmitter-to-Receiver" InteractionsSinkevich, E. V.; Mordachev, V. I.; Galenko, A. V.; Kharasheuski, Y.; Panchanka, M.; Bobra, V.
2021Frequency-Independent Asymptotes of System Parameters of Urban Cellular Communications at Multipath Propagation of Radio WavesMordachev, V. I.
2022Refined Analysis of the Correlation Between the Accepted Maximum Permissible Levels of Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields for the Population and the Lethality Rate of COVID-19Mordachev, V. I.
2021UWB EMP Susceptibility Testing of General-Purpose Electronic, Radio Communication, and Industrial EquipmentTsyanenka, D. A.; Mordachev, V. I.; Sinkevich, E. V.; Galenko, A. V.; Xie Ma; Wen-Qing Guo
2020Verification of Worst-Case Analytical Model for Estimation of Electromagnetic Background Created by Mobile (Cellular) CommunicationsMordachev, V. I.