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Title: Computationally Effective Wideband Worst Case Model of Electromagnetic Wave Penetration between Compartments inside Enclosure
Authors: Tsyanenka, D. A.
Sinkevich, E. V.
Tamashevich, Y.
Mordachev, V. I.
Arlou, Y. Y.
Xie, Ma
Ционенко, Д. А.
Синькевич, Е. В.
Мордачев, В. И.
Орлов, Е. Е.
Keywords: публикации ученых
electromagnetic compatibility
electromagnetic shielding
waveguide theory
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Magazine, США
Citation: Computationally Effective Wideband Worst Case Model of Electromagnetic Wave Penetration between Compartments inside Enclosure / D. Tsyanenka [et. al.] // International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility: Virtual Conference, Rome, 23–25 September 2020 / IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Magazine. – Rome, 2020. – P. 1–6. – DOI: 10.1109/EMCEUROPE48519.2020.9245746.
Abstract: A wideband worst case model for estimation of electric and magnetic shielding effectiveness of an enclosure (e.g., an aircraft fuselage, ship hull, or vehicle cabin) divided into compartments by partitions is developed. The model makes it possible to estimate the spatial distribution of electric and magnetic fields in the compartments separated from each other by metallic walls with irregularities (apertures, slots, joints, etc.). The model is based on a combination of analytical solutions describing the penetration of radiation through a wall and the distribution of fields inside cavities. The combination is performed in the framework of the perturbation theory and technique of the multilayer structure calculation. The developed model is validated by comparison of results obtained by the model with known experimental results and with results of numerical simulation in the frequency range from 10 MHz to 3 GHz (that corresponds to the range of wavelengths from very large to quite small as compared with dimensions of the compartments used for the validation).
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