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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Impurity Phases in Polycrystalline Films of Ferroelectric Oxides of the Perovskite-Type on the Basis of Bi2SrTa2O9 and Pb(Zr,Ti)O3Agafonova, D. S.; Kozyrev, A. B.; Mukhin, N. V.; Red’ka, D. N.; Elanskaya, K. G.; Rudenko, M. V.; Oseev, A.; Hirsch, S.
2019Photocurrent hysterisis of strontium titanate formed on silicon by sol-gel methodRudenko, M. V.; Kholov, P. A.; Gaponenko, N. V.; Mukhin, N. V.; Ivanov, V. A.; Stas’kov, N. I.
2018Synthesis and Photoluminescence of Strontium Titanate Xerogels Doped with Terbium, Ytterbium and EuropiumRudenko, M. V.; Raichenok, T. F.; Mukhin, N. V.; Gaponenko, N. V.